The FUNNEST Way To Get Your Kiddo INTERESTED In Reading Books

"Book and Bear is my son's FAVORITE subscription box!" -Amanda, Homeschool Mama

The Book and Bear Reader's Club

Picture Book for ages 3 to 7

$69.99 / From $59.99 per month

The Kids' Book Subscription Box with an adorable plush animal your kids can hand-build paired with a book about the animal!

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What's Inside:

  • New Plush Animal Friend to Hand-Build and get your child into a confident mood "I did it myself!"
  • Soft Stuffing Fluff (No Sewing Needed) to fill up their new animal buddy and adopt it as their own
  • New Picture Book Paired with the Animal "Now let's read my new sloth's book, Mom!"
  • Books are choosen for their educational AND entertainment value so your child will want to read them again and again
  • Priceless time spent with the ones you love

How It Works

Choose an Age Range

Picture Book for ages 3-7

Chapter Book for ages 8 and up

Choose Your Plan

Month-to-Month &

6 or 12 Month Options

Build & Read Together

Motivate your kids to get reading

and succeeding in school!

Pre-Paid Subscriptions

Perfect for Scholarships/Grants/Awards and It's easy to get started!

Choose your plan, and when you get to the cart page, choose "This is a Gift" and your subscription will not renew.

Shipping is Free, but you may be charged sales tax depending on your shipping address.

Choose 3 Month Plan

This sounds a lot like Build-a-Bear. How is Book and Bear diffferent?


When will I get my first box after I purchase?

Most boxes ship on or around the 4th of the coming month. If you start a subscription between the 4th and the 15th of any month, your first box will ship on our second shipping date: the 17th. All new subscribers after the 15th will have the next month's box shipped on the 4th of the coming month. Email us for urgent birthday requests and we'll try to get your gift to you before the big day!

How do renewals work? When will I be charged?

Pre-Paid Subscriptions are paid at the beginning of your subscription. Scholarships sometimes pay on a 30 day term, so be aware that your first box may be delayed. Your subscription will renew each month on the same day your subscription began and your subsequent boxes will ship immediately after your renewal. Subscription commitments are for the number of months you choose and will automatically renew at their conclusion. Be sure to use the "This is a Gift" feature when you sign up if you need approval for another term. Plus, you can always login to your customer portal to skip a month, or set your subscription to cancel at the end of your plan's term.

How will a Book and Bear Subscription get my kid to read?

The easiest way to get a human to do something challenging is to pair the challenge with something the human loves. That's why we work so hard for our families and practice so hard in sports or music. It works for kids too.

Give a child a book about something they love, and the book becomes much more interesting.

So we pair each of our monthly animals with books related to that animal. Your child's new reading buddy is really a reading-love ninja just waiting to make reading more fun for kids and help them do the very challenging work of learning to read.

Can we use Book and Bear Boxes in the Classroom?

Book and Bear Boxes make great classroom activities!

Subscribe for your class and have a monthly team-building activity that will build your class library throughout the school year. There are so many great ways to enrich your class's reading with Book and Bear:

  • Stuffing Day: Give each student a portion of the included fluff and pass the animal skin around so each student can take part in stuffing their new class mascot. Then read the book together as a class.
  • Adoption Activity: Included in classroom sets are adoption papers so each student can sign the official form to display in your room. Take name nominations and vote on a name for your stuffy.
  • Classroom Sets also include a take-home worksheet about the Book and Bear Experience to give students a writing and drawing activity to solidify their learning.
  • Throughout the month, display your new class mascot with its book and allow students some individual reading time when possible. At the end of the month or school year, consider awarding the stuffies and their books to students who have done an exceptional job in different areas.
  • Children in Second Grade and above will also enjoy the chapter book version of Book and Bear as a class read-aloud.
  • Keeping clean: Require students to cleanse their hands before touching the stuffies. Spritz some fabric sanitizer on stuffies between uses.

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